Infrared Sauna to Improve Sleep

How to use an infrared sauna to improve sleep ...

Infrared saunas are a marvel of modern technology. While this statement may seem a little grandeur, let me explain how this new type of sauna can benefit you. To begin, I will start with the technical features and their benefits.

Infrared Sauna to Improve Sleep

An infrared sauna is different from a traditional sauna. An infrared sauna uses infrared heaters as opposed to wood or electric stoves to heat its occupants. The difference is that in a traditional sauna the heaters heat the air in the actual sauna enclosure itself; however, the infrared heater heats the occupants and not so much the air within the enclosure.

As a result of this, the infrared heater can actually be used outdoors, you do not even need to be in a cabin to begin with. One of the main reasons that infrared saunas use a cabin is to mimic that of a traditional sauna but technically speaking you do not even need an enclosure.

For the traditional sauna enthusiast, this whole notion seems alien, but nonetheless an infrared sauna can provide you with many health benefits even more so than a traditional sauna. Infrared heaters use infrared light, which is a frequency band of light, that neither you nor I can actually see.

This technology is sometimes referred to as Infrared radiation. Do not be alarmed as this is very different form Ultraviolet Radiation or radiation caused by atomic explosions. Infrared red light can penetrate into the body which can be very beneficial in helping the body to flush out toxins. The funny thing is that when you sit in an infrared sauna you may for some time feel like nothing is happening, especially because it is not that hot, but then out of nowhere beads of water start to form all over your body.

The density of these beads of water further proves how effective the infrared heater is at flushing out your system. The benefits of this are many, for example this explains why you can use an infrared sauna to improve sleep. Infrared saunas are known to relieve stress and mental fatigue. This occurs because it helps your muscles to relax, by easing aches and pains.

Doing an infrared sauna session is like taking a warm bath, but with the infrared sauna you get a whole lot more. When undergoing infrared therapy, endorphins get released, which in turn engages the healing process. This results in revitalization, relaxation, and hence refreshed sleep.

Infrared therapy educes calmness by relaxing the body. The reason one gets refreshed during the infrared sauna session is due to the breakup of toxins which get released, then the body becomes purified, which in turn provides relief from fatigue. It also helps with sleeping because it relives pain. Infrared therapy relives lower back pain, pain from arthritis and pain from tightened muscles. As you know you cannot get a good night sleep if you suffer with any pain, especially in your lower back.

In today's competitive world, more and more people are stressed out. Infrared therapy provides a warming effect on the body which helps soothe and relive tension, hence relieving stress and therefore enabling you to benefit from your infrared sauna to improve sleep. While all this may sound very nice, you may be thinking that it lacks some scientific fact. Any skepticism is understandable since we are sold everyday on different types of technology that can provide miraculous solutions to problems.

However, the notion or practice of sweat therapy has been around for a long time. This therapy has been evident in many cultures, for example, the Islamic Hammam, and in United States you have the traditional American Indian Sweat Lodge.

Group sweating as it is known, was and is used today for both physical and mental purposes. However, it has to be mentioned that there is a scarcity of research relative to the health benefits associated with this particular practice. With that said when it comes to infrared therapy or infrared saunas there is quite a bit of scientific research to back up a number of the claims made. In actual fact Infrared therapy has been used by German Physicians for over eighty years. In Japan, they have what is known as an "Infrared Society", this consists of medical doctors who continue to research and promote the beneficial properties associated with infrared therapy.

To conclude, infrared saunas can provide benefits for all ages, young and old. This technology is proving to be very cost effective and by helping to improve your health your body will thank you for it. As a result of this you will begin to enjoy a better quality of life that will feel rested and rejuvenated.

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