Infrared Sauna Testimonials

If you are looking for infrared sauna testimonials, look no further. They are right here.

Infrared saunas seem to be the next big thing in the world of wellness and weight loss. As a result of that, every infrared sauna manufacturer or distributor out there is competing to attract you, the potential customer.

A lot of companies even offer the opportunity to buy an infrared sauna online. What I always suggest you do is that you try and locate a local spa or wellness center where you can experience an actual session in an infrared sauna.

Judging by the increasing number of reactions I receive on this website, a lot of people also seem to be looking for impartial infrared sauna testimonials. Now don't get me wrong, most manufacturers or distributors get this and they often publish a testimonials page on their website, but let's face it: how trustworthy is a testimonial on the website of an infrared sauna vendor?

Sure, the success stories of happy and satisfied customers will find their way onto the manufacturer's website, but if a not so happy customer sends in his or her experience, would that get published so easily?

Here, on I want to offer everyone an opportunity to share their infrared sauna testimonials, good OR bad.

Personally, I love my infrared sauna and even when I go on a vacation, I'm always happy if there's an infrared sauna cabin in the hotel, but maybe there are other people out there that had negative experiences with an infrared sauna.

What I want to do is give people an opportunity to inform themselves before they go out and spend a lot of money to buy an infrared sauna.

That's why I have also created my own infrared sauna testimonials page where people can share their own experiences, good or bad.

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