Infrared sauna risks

Infrared Sauna Risks - How Often Should You Have a Sauna Session?

The benefits of infrared saunas are optimal when the infra saunas are used two to five times per week.

However, depending on your personal preferences, you can use the sauna every day if you'd like to enjoy the benefits more often, and if you'd like the infrared cabin to be part of your daily wellness ritual. Or, you can enjoy the infrared sauna effects more sporadically, "as a special treat."

The best infrared saunas are taken when you are in the mood for one. Most people find the Far-Infrared sauna dome so pleasant and relaxing that they thoroughly enjoy each session. So, even when you're not in the mood for one, once you've finished your sauna, you're glad you did. However, don't make it something you feel that you have to do. If you are wondering about infrared sauna risks, this is one of them (having to do it even if you don't feel like it). Let your body lead you and your results will be more desirable. Also, for better results avoid using the sauna on a full stomach. The most important thing to remember is: do what makes you most comfortable. The use of the infra cabin or infra sauna is therapeutic and should be revered as therapy, a healing treatment.

Rather than heating just the air, infrared saunas are more efficient in heating deep beneath the skin because they use infrared heat. Infrared heat radiates heat that penetrates into the skin (sometimes as much as an inch or two), warming the body from the inside out. Some people mistakenly think that there are infrared sauna risks because of the fact that the infrared light "radiates". Really it is just a band of light in the form of radiant energy. Infrared sauna health effects are greater than those of a typical heat or steam sauna.

To set the temperature of your infra cabin or infra sauna, again, let your body lead you. Choose a temperature that is comfortable for you. The benefits of the radiant heat emitted from the infrared sauna have the most therapeutic value when they are received at a comfortable temperature, not the absolute hottest you can stand. To change the temperature in your sauna dome, adjust the temperature controls for both sections of the sauna dome. When you begin using the infrared sauna, try starting with a 20-minute session. As your body's tolerance for the heat increases, as it becomes more 'heat conditioned,' you can try increasing your session length to 45 minutes or even longer.

It is extremely important to stay hydrated as you use the infra cabin or infra sauna. You can best replenish the fluid lost - as your body eliminates waste and toxins through perspiration - by drinking water before, during, and after your session. Also, use towels to help eliminate your perspiration. It is recommended that you use 2-3 towels: one for lying down on to absorb perspiration and for cushioning purposes, a second to roll up and tuck under your head for added cushion and to absorb sweat, and a third to wipe off your body perspiration.

Infrared sauna risks?

While low, infra sauna risks do exist. As with everything, too much of it may pose negative side effects. So, it is advisable that if you have any doubt, or if you are pregnant, have heart conditions or high or low blood pressure or any other systematic disease or condition, consult with your health care professional to answer your questions about how you can achieve the greatest benefit from taking saunas, or if you should refrain from their use.

The most important point to remember when using infrared treatment via an infra sauna or infra cabin is to make it as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. Listen to your body and let the therapeutic benefits begin!

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