Best Infrared Sauna Etiquette – Making it Enjoyable for All

Understanding infrared sauna etiquette comes down to understanding a few simple guidelines.

Like in any public place, you can encounter all types of people in a sauna. Some are quiet, some are not. Some are attractive, some are not. But the idea is to close your eyes and just feel calm, without worrying about the others in the infrared sauna room with you. Sometimes, that is easier said than done when you may encounter people with "poor sauna etiquette".

Not everyone has the same level of appreciation for the sauna experience, or the same level of courtesy and consideration for others. There definitely are some rules of infrared sauna etiquette that sauna users should follow, and we share some of the primary ones here. When headed into the sauna, keep these in mind. And if you wish others would keep them in mind too, well - you could carry copies with you.

Infrared Sauna Etiquette – Unspoken Rules of the Room

1. Be Shhhh...

Conversation in a sauna is very distracting to others who are trying to enjoy their experience. If you must talk to your companion, keep it to a very dull whisper.

2. Be Conscious of Personal Space

Try not to sit or lie too close to someone else, unless there is simply no room or if the infrared sauna is too crowded. You may even want to wait while before entering. The sauna is supposed to be most beneficial when you are lying down.

3. No Nakedness Please

Unless you have your own sauna at home or the home sauna of a close friend or family member, it is proper infrared sauna etiquette not to go in the sauna room without clothes, even though it may be considered "best practice" by sauna proponents. Sure, you know it’s more comfortable but really... unless you’re in a country that it is considered acceptable – then please put on a swimsuit, bikini or towel. Just make sure whatever you wear is breathable fabric, like cotton.

4. Shower First

You should not enter a sauna smelling like chlorine from a pool, or with sweat or perfume on your body. These scents will be intensified by the sauna steam or heat from infrared, so it is courteous to rinse off with a quick shower before the sauna.

5. Don’t Stare

A quick glance at someone, a friendly nod, even a "hello" is perfectly fine. But avoid looking steadily at anyone as it can make them uncomfortable. No matter how they look, good or bad, you should not stare. Closing your eyes helps you to get into the calm, peaceful mode that infrared saunas are designed to help you feel.

6. Know The Rules

Nearly all saunas will have rules or instructions posted outside the sauna entrance or on the sauna door. Even if you've used saunas before, it's a good idea to read the posted information. Saunas and the facilities that provide them each have different rules and there may be something there that you need to know. Just read, that’s all.

7. Breathe Softly

Be aware of your breathing. You shouldn't enter a sauna quickly after a strenuous activity, while you are still breathing heavy. Loud or fast breathing will be a distraction to others in the sauna. Definitely do not chew gum or suck on a hard candy.

8. Don't Hog The Sauna

Ah-h-h, the sauna feels so good. But if there are others waiting, so don't stay in the sauna as long as you can possibly can stand it. Enjoy it, but make room for someone else if there seems to be a line waiting. You can always return to the sauna a bit later.

9. No PDAs

If you are in a sauna with your significant other, but others are in the sauna room with you, try to avoid kissing or making out with each other. Even light public displays of affection could easily be offensive to others in a confined and up-close environment. Save the kiss for when you exit the sauna.

10. Just Relax

Even though there are sauna etiquette guidelines to be aware of, don't over think your infrared sauna experience. After all, the idea is to completely relax, and clear your mind and your body of negative things. When you enter the infrared sauna room, lie back, take a few deep breaths, clear your mind of all but a nice, pleasant thought...and enjoy the heat soaking into your skin.

Conclusion: proper infrared sauna etiquette will make your saune experience a much more enjoyable one.

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