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Infrared sauna benefit vs. Traditional - Which is Better?

Getting out of the clothes and into a sauna isn't a new idea. For centuries, steam saunas have been detoxifying the body and warding off harmful pollutants that slow down your day and overall morale.

What started in Finland quickly became a global hit and today millions of people make use of a sauna in their every day routine - feeling an incredible amount of extra energy and cleansing that puts people in a better state of mind, health-wise.

However, infra saunas are a relatively new invention and since their inception, have been blowing steam saunas out of the water. The secret hasn't been properly delivered to the masses. The infrared sauna benefit and positive long-term effects of infrared saunas make them a great addition to your home. Infrared sauna therapy is radiant heat that supports the body's natural defense systems by warming the body from the inside. For those with joint pains and stiffness, common sports injuries, poor blood circulation, or weight problems should consider infrared treatment as proven to aid in the development of these problems.

The "Beauty of Infrared"

There are distinct advantages when making the switch to infrared saunas, most people particularly like the infrared sauna benefit because of the way it works the bowels of the body and warms it the same way as natural sunlight. Radiant heat uses the wavelength of the visible and non-visible light spectrum of sunlight that heats the body normally. While traditional saunas raise the temperature of the air to high level within the chamber of the body, the infrared sauna benefit comes from the fact that infrared works a little different, in that instead of heating the air within the enclosure, it heats the body directly doing wonders to the deeper tissue penetration. In turn, this allows the body the proper amount of perspiration - destroying the toxins that are hindering your health - and it receives the benefits to that of a traditional sauna. Feeling cleansed and free of natural pollutants is the great thing about both a traditional sauna and an infrared one, but unlike traditional saunas, the infrared sauna benefit is that infrared saunas are not are likely to spread and cultivate bacteria in the humid air. The environment that you feel inside an infrared is one that is much more sanitary.

Top 5 Reasons Infrared is the Way to Go

1. More Energy. Many people may feel that the energy factor between the two is insignificant, but the phenomenon called "resonance" makes infrared stand out among the crowd. The metabolism in the body gets pumped up and better blood circulation is invoked.

2. Weight Loss. There is a direct link between infrared sauna and weight loss. Shredding the pounds in an infrared sauna is easier and more effective for metabolic process in your vital organs. You will watch the calories disappear in a sauna "heat session".

3. Speedy Recovery for Injuries. Sweating in an infrared sauna generates stimulation in heat that brings oxygen to the joints and quickens the recovering from an injury of nearly any kind. Athletes that have some of the most plaguing injuries known to man many times sit back in an infrared sauna and let it do what is needs to do to speed up the process.

4. Detoxifying. The "third kidney" - your skin - is believed to be responsible for doing away with nearly 30 percent of the body's waste. This is one of the main benefits of the sauna, which is the number one reason why most people choose this method as their number one source for purification.

5. Skin Radiance. Getting that healthy glow is tough and something that is a thorn in the side to millions of people trying to get that natural, healthy looking skin tone. Infrared sauna effects heats the inside of the body - carrying a significant amounts of nutrients to the body. Infrared sauna treatment gives your skin tremendous texture, while infra sauna effects automatically cleanse the skin.

Infrared technology and infra cabins are extra unique, in that they allow light to heat the body and they give you the opportunity to target those areas that need improvement. Heat therapy is a natural way for you to heal and the best infrared saunas destroy toxins that have been hindering you and you overall well-being.

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