Infrared Sauna and Cellulite

Infrared sauna and cellulite reduction - Based upon a true story?

Many people are enjoying the benefits of infrared saunas. They're quite popular because they provide a soothing, warm place for restful relaxation without being uncomfortably hot like traditional Finnish (steam) saunas. And, a lot of people are recognizing that an infrared sauna can also be used as a weight loss aid and to eradicate harmful toxins from the body. But in addition to understanding their ability to facilitate relaxation, weight loss and detoxification, some people are coming to realize that an infrared sauna might be an effective remedy for cellulite.

Infrared Sauna and Cellulite

Cellulite, of course, is an unsightly dimpling of the skin that occurs almost exclusively in women. It's often seen on the thighs and/or buttocks and is caused by the herniation of subcutaneous fat within the connective tissue in the affected areas. Skin affected by cellulite nodules is sometimes described as resembling an orange peel, although some people go so far as to call it "cottage cheese skin." Seen only rarely in men, cellulite is estimated to occur in up to 80-90% of all post-pubescent females. Hormones - especially estrogen - play an important role in the formation of cellulite, and some women may be genetically predisposed. Cellulite has also been tied to poor blood circulation.

For a more profound insight in cellulite and a better understanding of different treatment methods, please refer to this cellulite solutions website, with lots of information and tips and tricks.

A very large percentage of the female population is affected by cellulite. Many of these women are actively searching for an effective cellulite remedy, especially as the summer swimsuit season approaches. In theory, infrared sauna and cellulite fit together nicely, because sessions in an infrared sauna might be able to help, especially if infrared therapy is complemented with additional treatment, like for instance cellulite massage. You can find more in-depth information on cellulite massage on this massage education website.

Infrared sauna and cellulite?

Yes, spending a pleasant half hour in an infrared sauna can be relaxing. But the deep, penetrating heat produced by these saunas isn't just relaxing - it also increases your heart rate and dilates your blood vessels. As a result, sessions in an infrared sauna tend to promote improved blood circulation. Recognizing this physiological response, many European beauty specialists use sessions in an infrared sauna as an important part of their programs designed to reduce cellulite.

It's pretty easy to understand how spending time in an infrared sauna can boost your circulation. As the heat from the sauna penetrates your body, your heart rate will begin to increase. There's no need to worry when this happens, it's a natural reaction and part of your body's attempt to rid itself of the extra heat. When coupled with the blood vessel dilation that also occurs in response to the heat, your faster pulse is able to pump blood more efficiently through your circulatory system.

Logically, the increased blood circulation that can result from infrared sauna sessions sounds like a good thing. And many people promoting infrared saunas for weight loss say the deep penetration of infrared heat actually liquefies human fat and allows it to be sweated out of the body. Human fat that liquefies and is sweated out sounds a bit like science-fiction to me, and I don’t know if this is actually possible, but I’ve read in many places on the internet about this. Of course, not everything you read on the internet is correct. Moreover, despite infrared saunas being used by those European beauty specialists, it remains to be seen (much less scientifically proven) whether infrared sauna sessions are actually capable of helping to reduce cellulite.

If you search online for information regarding infrared sauna and cellulite, chances are you'll keep seeing the same old information repeated almost word for word. Reading this information will teach you how the infrared energy generated by infrared saunas is able to penetrate up to three inches into your body, and how it raises your internal temperature enough to liquefy your subcutaneous fat. You'll also learn how you can "sweat out" this liquefied fat. You'll read these three statements, in one form or another, over and over again.

However, it's much harder to find reports or testimonials by sauna users discussing infrared sauna and cellulite. And if you do find some, how do you know whether you can believe them? After all, these positive reports are probably posted on the website of a company that either manufactures or sells infrared saunas. It's in these companies' best interests to publish positive testimonials. The sad fact is, you're just not likely to see anything sent in by people who were completely unimpressed by infrared saunas.

My mission is different. I'm not making or selling infrared saunas. Instead, my goal for this website is to provide honest, unbiased information about infrared saunas. I want everyone to feel welcome to send in descriptions of their experiences with infrared saunas, on my other infrared sauna and cellulite page, whether they're positive, negative or indifferent. That's the only way people will be able to make informed decisions about whether they should buy an infrared sauna.


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