Infrared Portable Sauna

The infrared portable sauna is becoming a hot trend for those looking for an effortless way to improve the appearance of their skin.

Of course, if you have done any research on this heat-based technology, you know that many of its benefits have been well documented. Some of the many benefits associated with this technology include the ability to aid in relaxation, reducing fatigue, and supporting detox. Interested in reading in more about the many benefits of portable saunas? A separate article discussing the benefits of a infrared portable sauna in detail is available. The focus of this article, however, covers the many delights of owning a portable infrared sauna.

A portable infrared sauna is a lightweight, self-contained unit. Their smaller size means that the benefit of infrared heat is not just limited to the gym or spas. Instead, the detoxifying process can be done in the privacy of your home. The infrared portable sauna brings you the convenience to enjoy the device on your own schedule and move it between rooms if you so desire. Since these saunas only take up a few feet of space, they are also ideal for those who only have limited space in their home. These portable saunas are also simple to set up and feature a user-friendly design. Most units allow you to sit comfortably with your head exposed, allowing you to watch TV, listen to music or indulge in other activities to prevent boredom.

Cost Effective

Portable saunas also provide a cost-effective option of enjoying the many benefits of infrared energy therapy, for those on a budget. “Conventional” infrared saunas can cost thousands of dollars and take up more space. As an appropriate compromise, the portable version provides much of the same benefits in a more convenient and affordable form.

In fact, the same rules that apply when using a conventional infrared sauna, apply to using infrared portable saunas. Before entering the sauna, you should remove any metal jewelry. Once exposed to the heat, this jewelry can become very hot! After turning on the sauna to 100 F, there is no need to wait for the sauna to finish warming up. Enter the sauna while it is still preheating to allow the body to get used to the increased heat and allow the muscles to relax.

Infrared portable saunas work by exposing the body to heat, causing the body to sweat rapidly. A towel should be placed on the floor, under your feet so the floor does not become slippery and cause you to slip and fall. Another towel can be sat on the seat to absorb perspiration. You can keep a third small towel on hand, to wipe down your face and body during the session.

Avoid dehydration

To avoid dehydration, the portable sauna should not be used after drinking alcohol. The sauna should also not be used if you have taken any intoxicating substances. As an additional precaution against feeling unwell, the portable sauna should not be used for at least two hours after having a heavy meal. To keep the skin hydrated, users should drink at least eight ounces of water before and after using the sauna. Additional fluids can also be drunk while inside the sauna. To make up for the minerals lost through sweating, you can add a pinch of sea salt and two tablespoons of kelp to your daily diet. The kelp will work to replenish trace elements lost from the excess sweating.

The length of time an individual chooses to remain inside their portable sauna can vary depending on their condition. It will also take time to adjust to the therapy after first beginning. For safety reasons, an individual's body temperature should not rise by more than four degrees when inside of the sauna. The pulse rate should not increase more than 50% of the resting rate. When first starting or if suffering from an illness, a maximum of 15 minutes is reasonable. After a week or two, users may want to slowly increase their time inside the sauna, gradually working up to sessions of 30 minutes of longer.

Now that you know the more about using a portable infrared sauna, the only question left to answer is where you can buy these clever devices!, offers a nice range of portable saunas. Their clever and reasonably priced infrared saunas include the typical sit down design as well as blanket and dome designs that allow the user to lie down and enjoy the sauna experience in even the most limited of spaces.


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