Explore the Potential of an Infrared Dry Sauna

If you've never heard of an infrared dry sauna before, reading this article just might be enough to get you excited about exploring the potential of these amazing devices.

Even if you're already accustomed to lounging in a traditional steam sauna, you'll find that an infrared sauna provides a totally different, better sauna experience.

An infrared room is not just a conventional sauna that utilizes a different heating system. Although conventional steam saunas and infrared saunas both provide a restful, relaxing sauna experience, an infrared cabin is a horse of a totally different color, so to speak. With an infrared sauna, there's no water to pour over hot rocks (no hot rocks, for that matter), no hissing sound as the steam releases, no breathing in of hot, steamy air, and no uncomfortable, humid heat to sit in. What an infrared sauna does give you is a blissfully relaxing, comfortably warm (but not hot) sauna experience that is not only restful, but beneficial for your health.

If you're used to sitting in a conventional steam sauna, or if you've never used any type of sauna before, you might not be familiar with the concepts underlying the dry sauna. For one thing, you might not believe infrared saunas can be effective because they never reach a steam sauna's "ideal" temperature of about 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Well, they don't even try to get that hot inside - infrared saunas are neither intended nor designed to reach those kinds of temperatures. Yet they are every bit as relaxing (and healthy) as any traditional steam sauna - if not more so.

Infrared Dry Sauna

Those of you who are accustomed to steam saunas might also believe that the infrared variant lacks the crucial ability to regulate the sauna cabin's humidity. In a traditional sauna, humidity (as well as temperature) is regulated by how often water is poured over the sauna's hot rocks. Without the rocks and water, you might ask, how does one regulate the humidity inside the room? The answer is that the infrared experience is not at all related to the high heat and humidity that typify the atmosphere inside conventional sauna cabins. Although you'll sweat while you sit in an infrared sauna, you won't be bathed in a steamy, humid 200-degree environment. Instead, if you're open to trying something different, you'll notice that after you're inside an infrared sauna cabin for about ten minutes, the sweat will, in fact, start pouring off of you. But the sauna will accomplish this at a much lower cabin temperature, typically as low as 120 degrees Fahrenheit, and in a much dryer atmosphere. In short, an infrared dry sauna provides a far different, much more comfortable experience than the hot, steamy 200-degree environment in a conventional sauna. You'll sweat just as much in an infrared dry sauna as you would in a traditional steam sauna, but you'll be much more comfortable.

An infrared dry sauna is able to provide a much more comfortable yet highly relaxing and therapeutic experience because it heats your body directly by using deeply penetrating radiant infrared energy. Conventional steam saunas, on the other hand, heat your body indirectly, by heating the air surrounding you. In addition to being uncomfortable to sit in, the very hot, humid atmosphere inside a steam sauna cabin can be uncomfortable to breathe. That's an issue you'll never have to deal with in an infrared dry sauna.

If you're willing to try a different type of sauna experience - one that makes you sweat at least as much as any conventional steam sauna but provides a cabin temperature and humidity that most people find far more comfortable and easier to breathe - then you owe it to yourself to explore the potential of these amazing devices. Go ahead and try a session in an infrared dry sauna. In addition to providing the same or better benefits and greater comfort than a traditional sauna, an infrared dry sauna is more energy efficient and can help lower your electricity bill if you currently own a steam sauna.

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