Infrared Detoxification

Infrared Detoxification - one of the most compelling reasons to use an infrared sauna

There are many purposes for infrared saunas, but one of the most compelling reasons to use one is body detoxification. Most people apply a great many health and beauty products to their skin and hair throughout the day; cleansing your system of them is just as important.

Just what kinds of products do you use? If you're like most people, your daily routine probably includes morning hygiene such as showering with body wash or soap and brushing your teeth. Then you put on deodorant or antiperspirant. If you're a man, you use shaving products. If you're a woman, you apply all kinds of makeup to your skin. Hair care requires a lot more than shampoo and conditioners. Most people use several types of styling products. And both men and women use some kind of perfume or cologne.

At some point in the day you most likely use moisturizers, probably one for your face and one for the rest of your skin. As part of evening hygiene most people brush their teeth again and use more cosmetic products to remove makeup. By the time you get into bed at night, you've inundated your skin and hair with possibly two dozen different products.

But that's not all! What about the chemicals like chlorine in your water supply that splash down on your skin in the shower? Have you sprayed an antihistamine up your nose lately to clear up sinus congestion? Maybe you use contact lens solution. Perhaps you breathe in an air freshener hooked up to the ventilator grid of your car's dashboard.

Take a look at the labels on the products you use on yourself all day long. Most of them are not even pronounceable. The days of contaminant-free products are gone. Even the organic products in the world around us must meet only a 70% standard of purity. You sustain yourself with dimethicone, isopropyl isostearate, titanium dioxide, and other chemical concoctions. What in the world are those ingredients made of?

If a face cream simply lists fragrance, the list of possible ingredients extends to over four thousand chemicals, some of which can cause irritating maladies or even cancer. Is your product a lovely color? The dyes used in these products are often fabricated from coal tar. Dimethicone actually comes from silicone, which closes off the pores in order to render its beauty benefits.

And the next time you get caught in the rain, or even just being outdoors on a humid day, think of the pollutants that seep into your pores. The daily stresses of your life keep blood flow away from your skin surfaces, and your skin becomes dormant and clogged. Dead cells accumulate without proper exfoliation technique.

Infrared Detoxification

If you want to maintain good health, it's vital to keep your skin healthy and clean. Your integumentary system of skin, hair, and nails is the body's largest organ. Your skin needs to be able to participate in a daily exchange to take in the good and expel the bad. Infrared detoxification comes highly recommended for this purpose.

Stepping into an infrared sauna gives your skin the relief it needs from these daily chemical disasters. Infrared detoxification works for you using the light at the far end of the light spectrum, and it excludes harmful ultraviolet rays. That light carries a very high vibration, which creates a lot of energy when it penetrates your layers of skin and into the muscle. You will feel this effect as luxurious warmth.

Your body does not become warm because it has been pelted by steam or heat. This warmth actually is generated by your body as it responds to the infrared rays that have penetrated two to three inches beneath the skin. Your muscles are affected as well as your cardiovascular system. So what happens next?

More infrared detoxification benefits

From the first time you try one of these saunas, and as you develop a regimen of regular spa treatments, your thirsty skin responds by opening up and breathing again. Your pores respond to the heat from within your skin by expelling impurities. Your skin literally comes back to life.

When you develop a daily spa routine, you will find that your skin looks more youthful. But more importantly, it acts like younger skin. Your body's innate ability to heal itself will improve. If you've ever been plagued by acne, or other lesions such as boils or styes, you will notice that these become fewer and fewer. As your skin gains elasticity, it will resist the effects of aging that we all experience.

But there's more to infrared detoxification than that. Your blood is stimulated to pump along at a higher rate as if you'd just been working out. With this increase in cardiovascular activity your body's negative biochemicals are washed out of your cells and eventually flushed into your kidneys for disposal. And while you enjoy this total cellular workout, your muscles surrender and relax. Ultimately this leads to a total cleansing of your system.

You can contribute to this positive reconstitution by drinking cool, clear water during your spa sessions. With this cleansing and reawakening your body will become thirsty, and water will help you eliminate life's daily contaminations. As you incorporate the infrared spa into your routine, your skin will once again remember how to perspire and be healthy.

Ultimately, it is true that some of the products you use provide some benefit. Yes, the moisturizer helps your skin fight the effects of cold weather; bug repellant keeps the mosquitoes away from you. Nice-smelling cosmetic products give you a boost to get you through the day. But it is vitally important to learn and understand holistic body cleansing techniques, just as you will enjoy with an infrared spa. Once you turn down this road, you will never want to go back.

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