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Infrared Blankets Provide an Ultra-Portable Infrared Sauna Experience

The infrared sauna industry is really heating up, and people around the world are discovering and discussing these innovative saunas.

In addition to their proven ability to detoxify the body, infrared sauna sessions are used to reduce cellulite, improve the blood circulation, lose weight, alleviate chronic fatigue, boost the metabolism, promote glowing skin, ease muscular aches and pains and improve overall well-being. And in addition to these therapeutic benefits, infrared saunas can be incredibly restful and relaxing, too.

The most common way to enjoy the benefits of infrared sauna therapy involves sitting in a conventional infrared sauna cabin, a small room that typically has wooden walls, a ceiling and a bench. In many ways it resembles the cabin of a traditional steam sauna. Unfortunately, however, the cost of conventional infrared saunas puts them out of reach for some people, and that's where infrared blankets can come in.

They are much cheaper than conventional infrared saunas, but they can provide many if not all of the same health benefits. And they have some additional advantages over other types of sauna experiences, including both conventional infrared and steam saunas. For example, you can specifically target and improve your circulation in your shoulders, neck, arms, hips or legs simply by wrapping an infrared blanket around that particular part of your body. By the way, did you know that even infrared horse blankets exist for horse owners to help their horses with treatment and prevention of injuries?

I don't want to get ahead of myself, so before I tell you more about the advantages of these blankets, let me quickly explain what they are.

Basically, it is a blanket that uses electricity to radiate far infrared energy - the same infrared energy you'd be exposed to if you were sitting inside a conventional infrared sauna. You can sit on a chair or your bed and wrap it around you, or you can lie on your bed or the floor and cover yourself with it. No matter which way you use it, your head will almost always be outside the blanket.

Because these blankets are powered by electricity, they use a power cord that must be plugged into an electrical outlet. Most have a control panel which allows you to set the temperature, and many have a timer.

The whole idea is to provide an experience that's similar to what you would receive in a conventional infrared sauna, but without the higher expense. Of course, when folded, the blanket requires hardly any space, so it's also the ultimate in portability and is extremely convenient for traveling.



Being so ultra-portable, the blankets can be a big help for travelers who want to take advantage of infrared therapy despite being away from home. The gentle but effective direct heat these blankets provide helps to relax weary muscles and minds.

Naturally, you'll want to make sure the infrared blanket you buy is effective, but it also must be safe to use and easy to clean. An ultra-low voltage (36V DC, for example) infrared blanket would be safest. Ask the blanket vendor whether the heating wire is flexible and able to stand up to bending and stretching.

The blankets typically operate within a temperature range of 86 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. If the room is a bit on the chilly side, you can make your sauna experience more comfortable by preheating the blanket for 10 minutes or so.

As with any sauna experience, you'll be sweating while you use an infrared blanket. That means it's important to stay hydrated, so drink a couple of glasses of water before every session. And speaking of sweat, once each session ends, let the infrared blanket cool down and then clean it right away. Simply use a damp towel to wipe the sweat from the surface of the blanket. Then, allow the blanket to dry by spreading it out on something flat for a couple of hours. It's ready to fold as soon as it's dry. It should be stored in a cool, dry place.

Many people who use them report that they work very well. Your body will definitely sweat and you might be a bit uncomfortable sitting or lying in your own sweat during your sauna session. You'll feel better, though, if you jump into the shower as soon as your session is over. You can prevent some of this uncomfortable feeling by using a large beach towel with your infrared blanket. The towel will make your sauna session more pleasant and it will be just as effective.

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