Far Infrared Sauna Heater

Things You Should Understand About a Far Infrared Sauna Heater

A lot has been written about far infrared saunas and the advantages and drawbacks of each type of sauna heater.

Some of the articles you can find on these subjects might give you information that sometimes conflicts with each other, although the more reputable sources provide solid, reliable information that is quite consistent.

Despite these more reliable sources, it can be hard to determine which information is accurate and which is mere hype. In fact, it can be so difficult to tell the difference between the two that it's understandable why so many people still get confused when they're researching different heater types.

For example, many a person has become quite confused while reading about carbon panel heaters and their characteristics. Some sources state that a sauna heater which utilizes carbon panels is the only kind that emits the high quality infrared energy that provides the most therapeutic effects and is, therefore, the best type for your health. Other sources, however, claim a carbon panel far infrared sauna heater would be unsafe because some of these heaters outgas while warm, emitting potentially dangerous, toxic vapors along with the infrared energy they produce. And that's not even getting into the alarming articles you can read regarding the excessively high electromagnetic fields that some people claim carbon panel heaters produce.

In light of all that, it's no wonder that so many people are confused. In fact, it would be surprising if all this contradictory information didn't produce a good bit of confusion (not to mention frustration) among potential far infrared sauna heater buyers.

Far Infrared Sauna Heater

But, the opportunities for confusion about far infrared saunas and their heaters are even more numerous than that. Some people claim that far infrared isn't even the most beneficial type of infrared energy. Instead, they say, near infrared is the better of the two for your body and your health.

By this time, you might be getting ready to give up on infrared saunas and their heaters. But don't quit just yet. It's important to realize that many experts, including most physicians and other health care professionals who work with or recommend infrared therapy, agree that all forms of infrared energy can deliver significant health benefits. In other words, both far infrared and near infrared energy can improve your overall state of health. Naturally, most health care providers prefer one type of infrared energy over the other, but almost all of them would agree that any type of infrared energy is healthier than none at all.

It's also essential that you understand an important characteristic that's shared by every single far infrared sauna heater in the world. No infrared sauna heater, whether it's far infrared or near, generates infrared energy that's <restricted to a single wavelength. All infrared heaters, no matter what type, emit a spectrum of infrared energy that consists of a range of different wavelengths.

Once you understand this important fact about far infrared sauna heaters, you're better equipped to begin your shopping. If you're in the market for a far infrared sauna, you might want to consider buying a unit that uses heaters which produce most of their energy in wavelengths as close as possible to the "right" far infrared wavelength. This ideal wavelength, 9.4 microns, is thought to offer the most beneficial effects.

Some far infrared sauna heaters don't generate much more than half of their infrared energy at this ideal 9.4 micron wavelength. If you're looking for a far infrared sauna that produces a spectrum of energy that's much closer to the ideal, you might want to take a look at some of the saunas that use solid ceramic concave infrared heaters. This type of far infrared sauna heater is generally considered to be a superior infrared energy emitter because it is capable of generating up to 96% of its heat output in the form of beneficial far infrared energy.

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