Benefits of sweating

Turn your health around with the benefits of sweating.

When you think of sweating, what comes to mind? For most of us, we think of that unpleasant wetness or the fear of body odor. You might also lump sweating and feeling very hot in together and dread them.

Or you could think of all the things we use today to prevent sweating, including antiperspirants and even surgical methods that stop sweating.

What you might be surprised to learn about the benefits of sweating is that sweating is not the enemy. Sweating is one of the best things your body can do for you. By trying to stop it from happening, we could actually be putting ourselves at greater risk for health problems. In fact, all of us should be sweating more! Let's look at some of those benefits and you'll see what I mean.

Natural Cooling

We always associate sweating with being too warm. If you go for a job on the beach in the middle of summer, chances are good that your clothes are going to be soaked with sweat by the time you get back home. But that's not such a bad thing.

Benefits of sweating

When your body starts getting too warm, it has to take action to prevent your body temperature from rising. If that happens, you suffer from heat exhaustion or heatstroke which are dangerous conditions causing dizziness, weakness, and racing heartbeats. To protect you from these problems, your body begins to sweat.

As sweat reaches your skin, the heat in the air causes it to evaporate much like water in a pot does when it boils. This evaporation causes your skin to cool down and lowers your body temperature. That's why you sweat more when you do something strenuous. The activity is making you hotter, as is the hot weather, so you have to sweat more to stay cooler. So what about the benefits of sweating?

Toxin Cleansing

Now you may already know that your liver and kidneys are important players in removing waste and toxins from your body, but sweating plays an important role, too. Without it, those parts of your body would have to work harder which could increase their risk of failing prematurely.

Sweat is actually mostly water which is why on hot days you're also more likely to get dehydrated? you've got to replenish the stores of water in your body. However, right alone with that water is a bunch of compounds your body doesn't need, such as lactic acid which is produced by the muscles and uric acid.

More benefits of sweating - Skin Improving

Sweat may make our skin feel a bit nasty during our exercise routine but the reality is that sweat can be your skin's best friend. When sweat emerges from your pores, it acts a bit like a river washing away everything that gets in its way as it reaches the surface. That includes dead skin cells which can clog up your pores or that can prevent your new skin cells from developing properly.

The sweat also brings along some types of bacteria which are found in the pores, too. These bacteria are sometimes responsible for causing breakouts so bringing it to the surface is a good idea if you don't want acne. Incidentally, it's the bacteria, not the sweat, that causes the odor. When the bacteria make contact with the air, the reaction is an unpleasant smell which can be masked by deodorants.

Cleaning your skin after sweating is also a good idea. That's because sweating causes your pores to be open as wide as possible so that means this is a great chance to clean them and to prevent build-up of dirt and debris which also leads to acne.

The Secret to Sweating More

As you can see from these benefits of sweating, the trick isn't to sweat less but to sweat more. The good news is you don't have to increase your workout or spend hours at the gym's sauna to make that happen. Instead, all you need is an infrared sauna which can produce the sweating results you want in the comfort of your own home.

This device is a perfect way to combat all of the daily things we come in contact with which make it harder for our bodies to sweat and to do what they were made to do. We've already talked about the role of antiperspirants but smog and environmental pollution can also clog up our pores and prevent sweating. Not getting enough exercise and wearing certain clothing materials can also make it more difficult for our bodies to sweat and for us to achieve these three important health benefits.

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